X30 Phiten Inner Short Pelvis Support


Product Description

X30 Phiten Inner Short Pelvis Support helps you to look your lower half slimmer and beautiful shape.  By supporting to tighten up the pelvis area, it provides you the stable feeling on your lower body, which will lead to a great posture.

By tightening the belly and thigh area, it helps to create a slimmer shape. Also, this unique structure of this X30 Phiten Inner Short Pelvis Support will help to lift up your hips as well.

Phiten Short Model

Front Structure:

Tighten up the pelvis area to have a stable feeling on your lower half, which can help to correct the posture better.

Its structure also helps to tighten up your belly area for a slimmer shape.

Phiten Short Front ImagePhiten Inner Short with pelvis support will help to look slimmer


Back Structure:

The unique Hip Lift-Up structure helps to bring up your hips.

And also, especially, the inner thigh area has great support to make it slimmer.

Phiten Short Back imagePhiten Inner Pelvis Support

Before and After..  The hips are lifted up.

Hip before and after



size conversion chart

Height: M (5′- 5′ 4″),  L (5′- 5′ 4″),  LL (5’4″-5’7″)

Hip Diameter: M (34″-37″),  L (36″- 39″),  LL (38″-41″)

Inside leg measurement: M (6″),  L (7″),  LL (8″)

Color: Black

Material: Nylon 89%, Polyurethane 11%

Technology: X30 Aqua Titanium



Additional information


Medium, Large, X-Large

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