X10 Phiten Titanium Sock King Round Toe



Product Description

X10 Phiten Titanium Sock King Round Toe: We have so many customers who have been using Phiten Socks for years and years.  Then, we hear from them that this makes a huge difference in their daily life!

This Sock King Round Toe was actually built for runners first.  In order to meet the needs of runners, we invited Mr. Kenji Takao as the project team leader, who was a professional 10,000-meter runner and attended IAAF World Championships in Athletics 2 times in the past. He had a hard time with his injuries when we were running professionally. Through his real experience, Phiten was able to produce this X10 Phiten Titanium Sock King Round Toe to meet especially for runners.

But Sock for Runners means… the best functional socks for everyone for their daily life. Runners use their foot and legs in extreme situation, so they have to be able to use their foot and legs to its maximum potential.

Its name is Sock King.  Phiten put in every thought that we could get and tested with monitors over and over again.

Recommended for

  • Runners
  • Walkers/Hikers
  • Any Sports requires legs
  • Standing all day long work
  • Office worker at desk
  • Rehabilitation

and all others…

The Special Functions for X10 Phiten Titanium Sock King Round Toe are

  1. Ankle Stabilizer – It will prevent Side-to-Side Ankle Shaking while walking. This is the Sock with Figure 8 Taping Function.
  2. Shock Absorbent Pad – The pads built-in on both balls of the big toe and little toe help absorb greatly the impact from each step you make from the bottom of the foot.
  3. Prevention for fallen arches – It’s built to pull arch up and hold. To keep the good arch, it will help the foot to absorb the impact from the bottom of the foot.
  4. Slip Resistant Silicone – Even inside of the shoe, it will prevent from foot slipping.  Of course, on the hardwood floor, it will greatly prevent from slipping.
  5. Breath-ability – Its mesh material allows us to breathe well and keep the moisture out.
  6. X10 Aqua Titanium Concentration – This is the highest Aqua Titanium concentration among Phiten Socks.

Long story short… this is the SOCK KING.  Highly recommended to try and see it for yourself!

Size/Color: 22cm-24cm (Women 4.5-6.5 shoe size), 25cm-27cm (Women 7.5-9.5 & Men 7-9 shoe size), 27cm-29cm (Women 9.5-11.5 & Men 9-11 shoe size)

Includes One Pair

Additional information


22cm-24cm (Women 4.5-6.5 shoe size), 25cm-27cm (Women 7.5-9.5, Men 7-9 shoe size), 27cm-29cm (Women 9.5-11.5, 9-11 shoe size)


Gray/Yellow, Navy/Pink, Pink/Gray, Blue/Yellow, Green/Orange, Orange/Green, Red/Orange, Sky Blue/Purple, White/Pink, Yellow/Gray, Black/Gray, White/Gray