Wrist Wrap with Thumb Hook

Wrist Wrap with Thumb Hook


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Product Description

The Wrist Wrap with Thumb Hook is a great wrist support. The thumb hook allows you to wrap your wrist tight and the velcro helps keep it in place. This Wrist Wrap is washable. To wash, gently hand wash it in cold water, and air dry only. Do not machine wash, bleach, iron, or dry clean.

Sizing: 3″ X 12″ (Excluding Velcro Fastener) (One size fits all)

Material: Front – Nylon 93% / Polyurethane 7%
Back – Nylon 80% / Polyurethane 20%
Velcro Fastener – Polyester 100%


Made in Japan

If you would need a standard wrist support without the thumb hook, we recommend Phiten Titanium Wrist Support.

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