X30 Phiten Titanium Stole



Product Description

X30  Phiten Titanium Stole is a stylish way to keep yourself warm. The Phiten Stole is made from high-quality fabric & permeated with aqua titanium to relax the body.

Its larger size helps us to use it in so many various scene of your daily life. You can use this stole by placing it on your shoulders or laps while working at the office with AC on, while watching TV at your comfortable couch, and while taking a nap, and on and on.

The soft yet durable material is used. And it’s so light and keeps it warm.

You can take this Phiten Titanium Stole for your travel as well.

Size: 70cm(W) x 180cm(L), 27.5 inches(W) x 70.8 inches(L)

Color: Aqua Green, Dark Red, Brown

Material: Acrylic 90%, Cotton 10%

Technology: Aqua Titanium X30

Made in China

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Brown, Green, Red