Phiten Shower Head with Microbubble


Product Description

Phiten Shower Head with Micro Bubble will offer you to take care of your body at home.

1) Shiny Hair
2) Refresh Skin
3) Relax Your Body


Micro Bubble

micro bubble

-Micro Bubble cleans out Sebum, Perspiration, Dirt from Pores, and Skin.
-Phiten Micro Bubble may help relax the body.
-Micro Bubble is much smaller than the size of pores and hair.
The Microbubbles penetrate deep into the pores to prevent washing residue and created a fine and transparent bare skin.
-Soft water flow that is gentle on the skin. 0.4mm ultra-fine water spray boles for silky, high-density water flow. Reduces damage to the skin with a soft touch.

About 30% Water Saving Effect!

Easy to set up.
4 adaptors to match your current handheld shower.
(Note: will not attach directly to the wall. will need a shower hose.)

(※If the adaptors do not fit, you can return it for a full refund.)

No Cartridge Change Needed

Colors: Black, White.

Technology: Aqua Titanium Silica

Made in Japan

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Black, White