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Phiten Titanium Insole (Aqua Titanium, Aqua Silver)



Product Description

Phiten Titanium Insole is one of the Hottest Items here in Hawaii!  It’s because so many people have problems with foot nowadays…  Many customers ask us what they could do about foot care.  Well, there are many things that are involved with foot problem.  One of the features which Phiten focused on was How to Decrease the Impact from each steps you make everyday.

Along with Phiten’s unprecedented Aqua-Titanium technology, we focused on the foam.  This foam can absorb the impact unbelievable..   If you have not seen how much difference Phiten Titanium Insole can make in terms of Impact Absorption, click here to check out the video.

When you find us at any expo or any retailers, please stop by and try this for your self.  “Seeing is Believing”  And many customers are surprised when you see how Phiten Titanium Insole is.  Since this is super thin, you can often place it on the top of your current insole if you would like to keep using it as well.

Also, this Phiten Titanium Insole contains Phiten Aqua-Siliver Technology as well. Some of you might know that Silver is in general believed that it works as Anti-Bacterial agent and Anti-Odor agent.  Aqua-Silver is permeated into entire Phiten Titanium Insole as well as Aqua-Titanium.

Moreover, Phiten Titanium Insole includes Phiten Micro Titanium Sphere inside as well as an extra material.

You would love these Triple ingredients that are put in this Phiten Titanium Insole.

Try it for yourself and find out why even some doctors are buying Phiten Titanium Insole for their patients too.


-Aqua-Titanium contained.

-Aqua-Sliver contained.

-Micro Titanium Sphere contained.

-High Shock Absorbent Foam

-Size: 22cm-25cm    Men 4-7,  Women 5.5-8.5

24cm-28cm   Men 6-9.5,  Women 7.5-11

28cm-33cm    Men 11-     ,    Women  12.5-

-Package comes with a pair of two insoles.

-Made In Japan.

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22cm-25cm Men 4-7, Women 5.5-8.5, 24cm-28cm Men 6-9.5, Women 7.5-11, 28cm-33cm Men 9.5-, Women 11-

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