Phiten Star Series Warming Covering Blanket Brown Single


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Phiten Star Series Warming Covering Blanket Brown Single

Warming Covering Blanket

No matter how much you move, it stays in place! Integrated “futon cover” and “moisture-absorbing heat-generating blanket”.

The futon cover made of blanket fabric eliminates the problem of slippage.
The outer fabric has a Velour-smooth texture, and the back fabric uses a soft and voluminous microfiber material.
Moisture-absorbing and heat-generating material keeps warm and gently wraps your body until morning.
A convenient 2WAY specification that can also be used as a blanket. Let’s have a good sound sleep with Phiten Technology!


1)A covering blanket that stays in place until morning.

Warming Covering Blanket

By inserting the usual futon, the blanket and futon are integrated.

Eliminates the problem of being cold when the futon shifts while you sleep.

Increased volume and warmth for a comfortable sleep until morning.

2)Fluffy, smooth, and warm, it will be hard getting out of bed!!

Warming Covering Blanket

FrontSoft, smooth Velour microfiber. Stay warm until morning without escaping warmth.

Back –  Fluffy and voluminous microfiber. Moisture-absorbing heat-generating material that converts sweat and moisture into warmth. Gently wraps your body and keeps you warm

3)Even one piece is warm. Lightweight, thin design

Warming Covering Blanket

It can be used by itself as a blanket.

The lightweight and thin design fit perfectly on the body. 

Envelop yourself in gentle warmth.

4)Easy to install

Warming Covering Blanket

The inside has eight hooks with snap buttons that can be easily attached futon. Prevent the blanket and futon from slipping.

5) Fully washable

Warming Covering Blanket

Easy to wash in your home washing machine.

You can use it cleanly anytime.

* Wash the blanket in a washing machine in a laundry net.

Color: Brown


Outer fabric: 100% polyester 

Lining fabric: Pile part: 100% polyester/base fabric part: 50% polyester, 50% rayon


Single: 59″ x 82.7″ (150 cm x 210 cm) / weight about 3.7 lb (1.7 kg)


Technology: AQUA GOLD


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