Gold Pillow Case

Phiten Pillow Cover Reversible


Product Description

Phiten Pillow Cover Reversible can offer relaxation for your head and shoulders with Phiten Technology. Infused with Aqua Gold, this unique pillow case will help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Gold Pillow Cover

Phiten Pillow Cover Reversible has the Reversible feature. We can chose depending on the season.

Gold Pillow Cover

Front Side: with Hemp

Gold Pillow Cover

The front side with Hemp is recommended for Summertime. This hemp side has the high moisture-wicking and divergence features. The hemp helps let the heat go and keep it dry even after you get sweeten.  It will offer a good night’s sleep in the summer night.

Back Side: Cotton

Phiten Pillow Cover

The backside with Cotton provides so soft and smooth texture. This cotton side is recommended for Spring and Fall.

Antimicrobial feature is in the inner material.

Let’s seize Good Sound Sleep by switching the sides depending on the seasons.

The 2 straps help the pillow cover stay on your pillow steadily.

Gold Pillow Cover

Color: Light Blue

Size: 63cm x 45cm

Materials: Front Side – Hemp 50%, Cotton 50%, Backside – Cotton 100%, Internal Material- Polyester 100%

Instructions for care: Hand wash gently in cold water with like colors. Air dry only, avoid direct sunlight.

Technology: Aqua Gold

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Light Blue, Pink

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