Phiten Compression Leggings


Product Description

Phiten Compression Leggings uses gradual compression and moderate tightness for a comfortable fit.  Also, it is made with High-quality multi-filament yarn (Ultrafine extravagant thread compared to normal threads) which is used to create a luxurious feel to the skin.  What’s so amazing is it’s cozy thickness of denier 120 that uses to keep the warmth.  It will make you feel lighter with comfortable fitting leggings, perfect to use while standing all day or during desk job.

Recommended to:

Many of our customers use this Phiten Compression Leggings while working at a desk, standing all day long, walking and exercising, and even traveling on a flight.  Especially, when people go to Japan, they know that they have to walk a lot. So they stop by our shop to purchase our Titanium Socks, Titanium Insoles and this Phiten Compression Leggings too. Many people notice the difference at the end of the day.

In fact, many flight attendants use another Phiten Compression Tights to support their legs for long lights.

What makes us so happy about these leggings is that we can wear our favorite slippers since the foot part is open.

Phiten Compression Leggings Function:

Depending on the part of the leg, the different compression levels are built in for the best comfortability and effects.

Phiten Compression Leggings can support your leg swell

Lower Thigh: 6 hPa

Upper Calf: 11 hPa

Ankle: 12 hPa
***1 hectopascal (hPa) = 100 pascal (Pa)

What’s Phiten Compression Leggings usefulness:

  • Use at work, play, or lounging around the house

  • It support form the ankle to the thigh with graduated compression
  • Keep warm by enclosing comfortably from the ankle to the stomach which gets cold easily
  • Use quality high-multifilament yarn (high-quality yarn made of much finer fibers than the normal one). As a result it feels softer and smooth to wear.

  • Antibacterial deodorant/Anti-Static treatment and UV cut ratio of 99% or more


Color: Black

Size (Hip Measurement):

M~L : 33.45 in (85 cm) ~ 38.5 in (98 cm)

L~XL : 35.45 in (90 cm) ~ 40.5 in (103 cm)

Material: Nylon 90%, Polyurethane 10%


Made in Japan

Additional information


L-LL (Hip 35"-40.5"), M-L (Hip 33.5"-38.5")

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