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Phiten Bath Towel has arrived! This is one of the popular Phiten Seasonal Items of all.

Titanium Bath Towel

Phiten Bath Towel is not just a bath towel. This bath towel has Phiten’s Aqua Titanium Technology. Therefore, you can place it on your shoulders or lap while you are watching your TV or working on a computer. You can even place it on your chair, couch, and seat including your car seat for a long drive.  Our customers even take it to an airplane for a long flight.

It’s taking care of you just keeping it with you.

Also, Phiten collaborates with Imabari Towels for All Phiten Bath Towels and Sports Towels.

Titanium Bath TowelTitanium Bath Towel

Imabari Towel is the most popular and highest quality towel from Japan. You will be fascinated with its high quality, softness, and fast water absorption, which are the reasons why there are so many Imabari Towel fans around the world.

Please enjoy your Phiten Bath Towel with Imabari quality.

Titanium Bath Towel

Size: 47 inches x 23.5 inches, 120cm x 60cm

Titanium Bath Towel

Color: Gray, Blue, Pink

Material: 100% Cotton

Technology: Aqua Titanium

Phiten Technology


Made in Japan

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Gray, Blue, Pink

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