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Product Description

Neck Stretch Pillow Metax was invented under the supervision of Dr. Murachi in Japan.

relax your neck correct your neck

Nowadays, many people use a smartphone, PC, and having desk work. These are the causes of a huge burden on our neck and shoulders. With the perfect firmness of Aqua Gold Fiber and the unique whistle shape, this Neck Stretch Pillow will support your neck, shoulder, back areas to get back to your proper neck curve.

Just only 5-10 minutes stretch before bedtime makes a huge difference.

Using a smartphone and typing PC leads you to a Forward Leaning Posture.

relax your neck correct your neck

This posture will cause a Straight Neck. A straight Neck could cause the tightness of the neck, shoulder, and back area, tired eyes, dull head, poor quality of sleep, and so on…

relax your neck correct your neck

In order to prevent that, we would like to get back to the proper cervical S curve.

Instructions for Use:

 5 to 10 minutes at a time before bed time.

1) Neck

relax your neck correct your neck

2)Mid Back– This will open up the chest muscle for better breath for your sound sleep.

Stretch your back

3) Lower Back

Stretch your lower back

4) Shoulder blades using 2 Neck Stretch Pillows

stretch your shoulder blades

Other Features of Neck Stretch Pillow Metax:

-Aqua Gold Fiber with Aqua Gold Silica

aqua gold technology

-High Resilience for amazing cushioning for neck and back.

great firmness

-Light Material

Light material


washable material


Size: 7″ x 9 ” x 3.5″ (18cm x 23 cm x 9cm)

relax your neck correct your neck

※We strictly focused on this sizing and lightweight. You can take it to your trips and sports practice.

Inner: Polyester
Outer: Polyethylene

Color: Navy Blue

Technology: Metax, Aqua Gold

Made in Japan

Additional information


Height: 2.75 in. (70mm), Height: 3.9 in. (100mm)

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