Metax Necklace Mirror Ball


Product Description

Metax Necklace Mirror Ball is one of the most popular Stylish Necklaces. This necklace was renewed with the Phiten’s most updated technology, Metax technology.  Metax technology is equivalent to X100 Aqua Titanium Technology. The slim cord with a mirror ball clasp made with 100% pure titanium. The rust-resistant make it durable.  This Metax Necklace Mirror Ball will match your favourite outfit.

Clasp: Easy one-touch magnet clasp

Metax Mirror Ball Necklace Metax Mirror Ball Necklace


Size: 16″ (40cm), 18″ (45cm)

Color: Black, Silver, Earth Color

Technology: Metax

Additional information


Earth Color, Black/Gold, Silver


40cm/16 inches, 45cm/18 inches

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