Metax Neck Gaiter Cool



Product Description

Metax Neck Gaiter Cool has arrived in Hawaii finally! This is the perfect item for this weather in Hawaii.

This Neck Gaiter is a great item to protect your neck and face from the sun and cold weather.

Since it has 90% UV protection feature, you can protect your skin from the sun without sunscreen.

In the cold weather, this neck gaiter will keep it warm around your face and neck area.


1) Cool Contact Material – It takes heat from the skin and releases it. This is the ideal prevention against heat stroke

Phiten Neck Gaiter

2) UV Protection 90%– We are here in Hawaii.  UV Ray causes Oxidation and Inflammation on your skin, which leads to Sun Spots, Wrinkles, Sagging, Dullness, and so on. Let’s protect your skin!

UV Prtection protects your sking from UV ray from the sun

3)Three ways to use this Metax Neck Gaiter Cool.

4)Stretchable Material.


Color: Navy, Gray

Size: Length 16″/40cm, Circumference 16″/40cm

Neck Gaiter Sizing

Material: Polyethlen 51%, Cupra 46%, Polyurethen 3%


Technology: Metax

Metax technology is Phiten's Highest Technology

Made in Japan


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Gray, Navy

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