Metax Modulus Bracelet


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Metax Modulus Bracelet has arrived in Hawaii! This is the simple and sleek version of Phiten bracelet with Metax Technology, the highest Phiten Technology at this moment.

Phiten Metax Bracelet

Since it’s silicone material, you can keep wearing it while you are in the water as well as taking shower. So no need to take it off.  It’s perfect for swimming, surfing, kayaking, and any activities with getting sweat such workout.

Phiten Metax Bracelet


1)Waterproof silicone

No need to take it off while you are in the water.

2)Contains Metax Technology in the silicone material

This is the highest Phiten Technology right now!

Metax technology is Phiten's Highest Technology

3)Metax Technology Sphere Zone inner side of the bracelet

It’s concentrate inside part of the bracelet.

Color: Black, Gray, White

Size: 6.7″ (17cm) and 7.5″ (19cm)

Material: 100% silicone

Technology: Metax

Metax technology is Phiten's Highest Technology



Additional information


Gray, Black, White


17cm/6.75 inches, 19cm/7.5 inches

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