Metax Elbow Support


Product Description

Metax Elbow Support is the renewal version of Phiten Titanium Elbow Support. It is a soft stretchable material that does not prevent bending your elbow smoothly.

Phiten Elbow Sleeve

This Elbow Sleeve is made with polyester and cotton with infrared ceramic fabric as well. It absorbs moisture well and dries quickly. The support is designed to give a smooth and firm fit while also allowing flexibility around the joint.

Taping Line supports your elbow movement nicely.

Phiten Elbow Sleeve

Special design for smooth elbow bending.

Phiten Elbow Sleeve

Color: Black

Size: S-M, L-LL

Phiten elbow support


Polyester 73%, Cotton 17%, Polyurethan 10%

Technology: Metax Technology

Made in Japan



Additional information


Large – X Large, Small – Medium

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