Metax Aero Cradle Cushion with Back Support


Product Description

Metax Aero Cradle Cushion with Back Support is the ultimate support for those who sit on a chair all day long. Also, you can make it flat so that you can lie down on it.  This perfect support on your lower back helps to make a huge difference.

The same material of Aero Cradle Bed Pad and Aero Cardle Seat Cushion is applied. That being said…. Metax Technology, the highest Phiten Technology is applied to this Metax Aero Cradle Cushion with Back Support.

Please enjoy this amazing comfortable Phiten Cushion.


1) Setting it on a chair– Let’s sit comfortably on your chair for a long period of time!

Phiten Chair Cushion

You can use the straps to keep it in place.

Phiten Chair Cushion

2) Lie Down on the floor– Let’s stretch your upper back and relax the entire back.

Phiten Chair Cushion

3) Relax your thigh area – You can flip it to us it on your thighs too! Elevating the thighs will lead to the posture for less fatigue.

Phiten Seat Cushion

4) High Lisilience – Supports perfectly and stays in good shape!

great firmness

5) Long Drive OK!

Phiten Chair Cushion

6) Light Weight

Phiten Chair Cushion

7) Washable

Phiten Chair Cushion

Color: Navy

Size: 15.75″/40cm (width) x 15.75″/40cm (length) x 11.8″/ 30cm (height)

Aero Cradle seat cushion

Material: Polyester (cloth), Polyethlene (inner)

Technology: Metax, Aqua Gold Silica

aqua gold technology

Made in Japan


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