Product Description

EXTREME METAX TAPE ROLL is finally here in Hawaii!!

Phiten Tape

EXTREME METAX TAPE ROLL is a new roll tape with Phiten’s latest technology Metax. Metax is the most updated Phiten’s Technologies, which is equivalent to X100 Aqua Titanium Technology! This tape is amazingly easy to use and does not restrict movement. It provides you good comfortable support.



  • Excellent breathability, elasticity, and water repellency
  • Easy to apply and does not require specific application methods for results, but they can be used similar to kinesiology tape as well.

Metax Roll Tape

And… You can cut it by hand!!!! This is an amazing feature! 

But of course, cutting it with scissors looks better.  But if you are in a situation that you do not have a pair of scissors, this is so helpful.

Cutting with hands

Phiten Tape cut by hands

Cutting with Scissors

phiten tape cut bu scissors

This is how it looks like

tape comparison

But this feature will come in handy.

Size: 2” wide x 14.7’ in length


97% Cotton

3% Polyurethane

Adhesive – Acrylic

Technology: Metax

Metax technology is Phiten's Highest Technology


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