Cooling Pad (Star Series)


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Product Description

Cooling Pad (Star Series) is the perfect pad to sleep on expecially in the summer time here in Hawaii.  When you touch it, you will feel the amazing soothing and cooling feeling with the special material.

It contains Aqua Gold Technology. Of course, you can wash thisCooling Pad in washing machine in a laundry net.

Let’s have great sound sleep!


Wash the pad in washing machine in a laundry net.

* Fix the shape and let the pad dry naturally after dewatering. (Airing after smoothing out the crease would reduce shrink of the pad.) * Do not use chlorine bleach. * Do not tumble dry.

MATERIAL: Top surface: Cotton 85%, Hemp 15%

Bottom surface: Polyester 100% , Inner: Polyester 100%

SIZE: 39.5” x  80.70” (100cm x 205cm)


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