Phiten Blanket



Product Description

Airy Towel Balnket Snow Blue (Star Series) is Great for both Summer and Winter Season.

Airy Towel Balnket Snow Blue has Aqua Gold technology to support your body by helping with Qaulity of Sleep. 

This special Hollow Yarn makes this blanket outstanding!

Hollow Yarn Features:

    – Quick Absorption and Quick Dry

    – So Soft, Fluffy, and Light

    – Great for both Summer and Winter

    – Highest Grade Blanket

Phiten Blanket

Left: Common yarn      Right: Hollow yarn

Hollow yarn absorbs water much more and much faster.

Phten blanket

Hollow Yarn is like a straw. It’s empty in the middle of yarn, so that it can keep air inside which leads to make it so soft and to absorb moisture quickly and dry.

This feature makes it perfect for both sesaons.

Size: 55”x78”, 140cm x 200cm



Use laundry net when machine washing. Avoid using fabric softener as possible because softener may cause dropping out of a pile and fuzz. Restore original shape immediately after washing and dehydrating. If fray is found, cut by scissor without pulling. Color loss or color transfer may occur by sweat or friction. Do not soak this product in water nor leave it wet for a long time. Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.




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