Honolulu Marathon 2015 Phiten 6 days Events! Thank you for attending our Phiten Events during Honolulu Marathon!

Thank you all for visitng our Phiten Hawaii Booth at Honolulu Marathon Expo 2015!!  We were so happy to see you there face to face!  We have been attending Honolulu Marathon since 2003  when Honolulu Marathon official was having Expo still at Out Rigger Hotel, not at Honolulu convention center yet.

I remember… we started with so small booth….   From there, we have been asking ourselves how to serve our customers/runners better… Then now, we have much bigger space and start having so many events within this Honolulu Marathon week!

So to us, this is the one of the most important events throughout a year for sure.  And we had so much fun with each one of you who visited our event!! Thank you so much!!

Here is our digest!

Honolulu Marathon 2015Honolulu Convention Center

First, here are our Phiten Staffs that made this event going!

Phiten Staff

Except me from right top corner, they all were from Japan Phiten Head Quarter and Phiten Shops. We actually started planing this event about 6 months ahead including production of products and selecting who would be coming to this event as well.

Anyhow, one of the most exciting part of our Honolulu Marathon Event is to release Hawaii Exclusive Products every year at Honolulu Marathon.  Here are our 2015 models!

Phiten Hawaii Exclusive Products!

1)Phiten Hawaii Exclusive Necklace Magnes Ⅱ

Hawaii necklaceHawaii NecklaceHawaii Necklace

This necklace is made of silicone and has magnet in it too.  We use the magnet as a strong enhancer of our Phiten technology! This is a collaboration of Phiten Technology and Magnet!  Silicone itself makes it durable, and you can jump in the water as is.  If you take shower with it, it’s clean everyday.  So you do not have to take it off and on all the time.  Keep it on!

2) Phiten Hawaii Runner’s Belt

Phiten Hawaii Runner's belt Phiten Hawaii Runner's belt Phiten Hawaii Runner's belt

Those who tried it at our booth at Honolulu Marathon Expo should know how it works for you!  On this product, we focus on how runners can run more comfortably through out a race.   Then, we figure out that we need to focus on the Body Trunk!  If you can keep Phiten Technology around your trunk, you will know what kind of run you can have!  If you never try, please find us at any phiten booth at events and try it for yourself to feel it! This Hawaii Exclusive Model was sold out… But we have the original ones.

3) Phiten Hawaii Shirt

Hawaii Shirt Hawaii Shirt

As many of you might know, every year at Honolulu Marathon Expo, we have been releasing Hawaii Exclusive Shirts so far. This is one of the first items to go… So it’s all sold out… Sorry… But of course, we have original Phiten Titanium Shirts without the print…

4) Phiten X30 Tape Blue

Phiten X30 Tape BluePhiten X30 Tape BluePhiten X30 Tape Blue

This is the first time that we release cool looking colored tape for athletes! Especially for runners… we all want to run more stylish as well!   I saw that so many runners were wearing this tapes while running Honolulu Marathon this time! Thank you so much! and it looked much nicer too on the road!  We still have some available.  Please find us at a booth!

5)Metax Lotion

Metax Lotion Metax Lotion

This was the first time to release this New Lotion here in Hawaii!  It’s called Metax Lotion!  We use the higher technology to make this lotion compared to current Phiten Massage Lotion.  Eventually, in early 2016, all Phiten Lotion will be replaced to this New Metax Lotion.  This is actually highly recommended by Naoko Takahashi AKA Q-chan, who is Gold Medalist of Women’s Marathon at Sydney Olympic.  Please take a look and try this New Metax Lotion at other Phiten Hawaii event!

These are the featured items along with our Runner’s Kit as well.  I hope many of you enjoyed this year product selection! If you have not picked up them above, please Contact Us to see where you can find them now too!

Phiten Events at Honolulu Marathon Expo 2015

We had many events here and there. But here are the main featured events during Honolulu Marathon Expo 2015.

1) Ayako’s  Self Body Care Class

Ayako NishitaniAyako Self Body Care Class Ayako Self Body Care Class

Her name is Ayako Nishitani, who is the fastest runner among Japanese Talents in Japan!  She was teaching runners how to effectively utilize the Phiten Tapes for where they had discomfort at and for where they wanted to increase its performance at.  Runners got to have some sample tapes there at the class in order to actually apply the tape. This is the knowledge and experience that you can utilize for good!

2) Naoko Takahashi AKA Q-chan session on 12/11 Friday

Naoko Takahashi, the Gold Medalist of Women’s Marathon at Sydney Olympic, visited our booth and cheered up all the runners with great tips for Honolulu Marathon!!  We have been doing this event for 8 years now! Every year, we are getting many great tips from her!  If you have not attended it, I strongly suggest you to come to our booth next year at Honolulu Marathon Expo!

Naoko Takahashi 2015Naoko Takahashi session Naoko Takahashi session Naoko Takahashi session Naoko Takahashi session


We also had PIA tour morning run with Naoko and Ayako.

We had this on Friday and Saturday morning only for those who were with PIA Tour from Japan.   You can actually learn starting from how to stretch the most efficiently  and run more economically just by adjusting the running form along with all the tips that top runners are using.  You can actually attend this course from here locally Hawaii too.   If you are interested and would need any more info, please let us know!

PIA Morning Run

So… after the 4 days at Expo from 12/9-12/12, the Marathon day had come on 12/13 (Sun)!

The race started at 5 am.  Before that, we did our final body care for PIA Tour after their final stretch and cheer up session with Naoko.

Naoko Takahashi and PIAPhiten and PIAPhiten and PIAPhiten and PIANaoko Ayako Phiten Staffs 2015

Then, the race started at 5 am with the magnificent fireworks!

Honolulu Marathon Fireworks

Right after that, Naoko and Ayako went to 20km point at Ainahaina to cheer up all PIA runners and other runners.  Naoko is known by every single Japanese people.  So every time runners found her, they all came to do high five to get charged!

Honolulu Marathon RoadNaoko and runnersNaoko and AyakoAyako and runners

We were there around until 1030 am. Then, Naoko started running the last 10 km to cheer up all the runners.  So did Ayako as well.

Then, we went back to PIA tent for Naoko’s stretch and the final body care !  Team PIA is really nice and heart-warming Marathon Tour that I have ever seen..

PIA tentPhiten CarePIA FlagPIA Flag

Then, this Marathon day had ended….

So many dramas are there at Honolulu Marathon each year…   The scenery and environment to run is uncomparable to other marathon.. We just want to congratulate all the runners who attended this marathon!!!

Phiten DFS Event on Monday

Phiten event still continued…  On the next day the 14th of December, we were at T-Galleria by DFS in Waikiki to have our Finisher Campaign and Naoko Takahashi’s Hand Shake session!  We wanted to say all the runners “Great Job!!!”  That’s what this event was all about!  It started with Takuya’s stage, our Rock Singer Debuted 3 years ago in Japan, who is currently also Phiten shop store manager in Japan!

TakuyaTakuyaHero by Takuya

About total 500 people came to our event here forming a long line, and everybody was so happy to meet Naoko and Ayako in person taking pictures and hand shakes!!!!

Naoko TakahashiNaoko TakahashiPhiten at DFSRunners at DFSRunners at DFSRunners at DFS

And our heartful friendly Phiten staffs!


Again…. Thank you so so so so much for visiting us and having fun with us throughout this whole week during this Honolulu Marathon event!! We had so much fun with each one of you there!  And we would like to see you again next year at Honolulu Marathon!  Those who have not visited us before, please please stop by… We can have fun together and make Honolulu Marathon a more exciting event together!

We will see you next year!  Much Mahalo from Phiten Hawaii!

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Thank you!