Bubble Run 5K in Kapolei Hawaii/Phiten Hawaii Run The Funniest Run for Family!

Have you run Bubble Run 5K before?

This year, I will be attending Running Events in Hawaii throughout a year and write about its features ! I hope that this could be a good tip for you to decide which run events you would attend in the future! I will name this series “Phiten Hawaii Run”

Anyhow…. Bubble Run is the funniest run I have ever attended especially for Family! I saw so so so many kids attending this Run whole a lot more than other running events! And “Bubble Run”, makes, of course, a lot of bubbles! They have total 4, what they call, Foam Bogs throughout the course.  It started with White Bubble!!

Bubble RunBubble Run

As I said, many kids were there.  So in this Bubble Run, under 4 years old were totally Free to attend with a purchase of adult entry.  Then, of course, we saw many baby strollers with Bubble such as….

Bubble RunBubble Run

Many were actually walking from the beginning, anticipating another bobble to come!

Bubble Run

Then, I started noticing that so many runners were wearing the white shirts which was in runner’s packet. It was so many compared to other run.  Not many runners would wear the Race shirts even you receive them before the run… But I figured out that one of the best features about this Bubble Run was to color your own shirt!! They prepared 4 different colored bubbles.  Everybody had so much fun to color their shirts! I regretted that I did not wear one this time..

After less than a mile, we encountered the pink Bubble!!!

Bubble RunBubble Run Bubble RunBubble Run

Then, Green Bubble to come!

Bubble Run Bubble Run Bubble Run Bubble Run

By this time, I could really see how much they played with bubble by the color of the shirts!

Then, I started seeing many dads were carrying kids already by this time..

Bubble Run

I guess one of the reasons many runners like this Bubble Run is that parents do not have to have too much stress to carry up their children even they start crying and saying “I’m tired… pick me up Dad!” since this is 5K run/walk.  Also many runners were pushing a baby stroller with Bubbles. Bubble Run is so kids friendly event.

Then, Blue Bubble came!

Bubble Run Bubble Run Bubble Run Bubble Run

They called runners “Bubblers”.  All Bubblers were having fun!

So as baby stroller!

Bubble Run

Then, we ran for a little more while and went through yellow bubble.

A little after that, the finish line was there already.

Bubble Run

It was not the end of it….. After that, we found a wired looking cannon.  And people were waiting for something.  Everybody was looking at the staffs right next to the cannon.  Yes! This was a Big Welcome Back Bubble Canon!

Bubble Run Bubble Run Bubble RunBubble Run  Bubble Run

That’s how Bubble Run went.  Overall, it was a great fun run/walk, a great event to attend with family and friends.  Especially, Bubble Run is kids and family friendly.  I myself attended this Bubble Run with my 2 sons this time.  And it was fun! After the run, I feel more bonding with my kids. It was whole a lot more than just a run. Great family event!

At the end, on the way back to our car, I found nice Bougainvillea on a side street.

Bubble RunBubble Run

Bubble Run in Kapolei Hawaii was taken place on January 9th under the great weather…

Phiten Hawaii