is Now Open!! Phiten is here in Hawaii!!

Phiten Hawaii

Hi all!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for waiting for so long…  Finally, is Now OPEN!

This year has been honestly scrambling year for us since we’ve had a huge transition challenge from Phiten USA operation to Phiten Hawaii now.  We would like to tell everybody that Phiten Hawaii is here in Hawaii!  I know that many of our customers might have thought that we had gone since we closed our Phiten Shop at Pearlridge shopping center on 12/31 last year 2014….  Ever since, whenever we meet our customers at our local EXPO booth, they said “Where have you been?  I thought that you guys are gone!!!”  Please please allow me to tell you that Phiten will not leave Hawaii.  We are here to support Health of local people here in Hawaii and of those who are from all over the world.

As many of you might know…  Phiten has started in Japan in 1983 with the mission andwill of our president Yoshihiro Hirata to help people in the world to have a better quality of life. He started Phiten here in Hawaii since he made the decision to help and support people’s health who live here in Hawaii. His decision was made back then.. And we inherit his strong will straightly and applied it to our new operation starting on 1/1/2015 this year.

Unfortunately, we do not have our own store yet.  But partnering up with these great retailers here in Hawaii, we thrive to reach out to you with our technology.

  1. Shirokiya
  2. Longs all stores
  3. Marukai all stores
  4. Don Quijote all stores
  5. GNC all stores
  6. And other specialty stores where are some famous in your community such as Work It Out, Runner’s Hi, Pioneer Electric, Fukuda Seed Store, TJ’s Warehouse (Maui), and many more!

LongsDon Quijote

MarukaiShirokya GNC

Now all of our Phiten Products are coming from Japan straight to Hawaii rather than routing from Japan to LA to Hawaii.  So… it’s much faster as far as updates and product delivery!  And we would like to hear from all of you of your straight feelings/your wants/your needs about Phiten Products, so that we can react faster than before and try our best to bring what’s needed here.

But as you might know… we do not have our store… So please talk to us when you find us at events such as Great Aloha Run, New Product Show, Senior Fair, Honolulu Marathon, other events, and our demos at our great retailers mentioned above. And even.. please talk to the staffs at those retailers even when we are not there. Based on your thoughts and comments, we would like to make our action plans on what we need to do for everybody here.

And we will be posting the updates about Phiten Hawaii including New Products, Events, and anything we believe that will be good for you!  Also through our Facebook and Instagram as well.  Please search “Phiten Hawaii”

Much Mahalo to all of you who have been supporting us and those whom we will meet soon in the near future.

Stay Tuned!