Phiten October New Products and Double Stamp Items!!

Metax Discs Box (pack of 300)

Metax Discs Box (pack of 300) has arrived in Hawaii for Metax Discs Lovers! This is an Economical Pack!

Phiten Gold Balm

Kyo no Oshiroi Otoshi Balm, which melts at body temperature, is easy to stretch and stays well to the skin. Protects from drying with carefully selected moisturizing ingredients.

Phiten Titanium Shirt Long Sleeve

If you are looking for a long sleeve shirt for daily wear, this shirt is the ONE!!

Double Stamp for the month of October
Receive double stamp every $10 on product of the month at the store.

Everyday is $10 you spend equals a stamp on any Phiten products. 
Every Tuesday is Senior Day Double Stamp on any Phiten products. 
Once card is filled you are qualified to receive a $30 off your next purchase at the store.