Phiten Metax Fleece Gloves Finally Have Arrived!!

Phiten Metax Fleece Gloves have arrvied to Hawaii! We have been getting so many inquiries about covnernig whole hands with Phiten Technology. We bought this Phiten Metax Fleece Gloves as the first Phiten gloves with fingers here in Hawaii

Since this is made with Fleece, you might think that it is hot.  I would say so here in Hawaii.

But, thick means…. it does absorb a lot more of Phiten Technology. For this glove, it’s Metax Technology that’s been used.  Yes! The hightest Phiten Technology, Metax.

Also, there is a special Fingertip-Synthetic Leather on the thumb and index finger, so that you can still use ipad and cellphone!

On the plam and figers, there are grips as well for strong hold.

Phiten Glove
Phiten Glove Metax

Phiten Metax Fleece Glove is great to use during your sleep also.  Let’s see what kind of difference you can feel in the morning.

Of course, you can wash them too.  The property will stay.

Let’s try this innovational Phiten Metax Fleece Gloves.

SIZE & COLOR:  Ladies: Gray 18cm-20cm (Around the palm and back of the hand)

Men’s: Black 20cm-22cm (Around the palm and back of the hand)

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CARE: Machine wash cold. Wash with like colors. Do not use bleach. Do not Tumble dry. Dry in the shade.

MATERIAL: Body-Polyester 100%, Fingertip-Synthetic Leather