Phiten Hawaii Collaboration With Up Roll Cafe!!

Phiten Hawaii Collaboration With Up Roll Cafe!!

This is the 1st Phiten Hawaii Collaboration.
Up Roll Cafe is very unique and popular with Sushi Britto.
You can create your own wraps with sushi and salad or have them in a bowl.
All ingredients are so fresh.
You cannot stop thinking about Up Roll Cafe once you try it!
This time, Up Roll Cafe collaborates with Phiten Hawaii to make more customers happy!!

Phiten Mulberry Latte!!

Vegan Latte

This Phiten Mulberry Latte is mixed with Oat Milk.
So Vegan customers are so happy too!! 
This is the ultimate Latte for those who are worried about Blood Sugar Levels, Constipation, Cholesterol, and so on.
(Refer to the nutritious facts below)

And also
Kids Power Roll with Phiten Mulberry Furikake!


Now, this Kids Power Roll can supplement the nutrients that Phiten Mulberry Leaf offers.
This is the delicious sushi roll that many kids love while they are getting the essential nutrition. 
(Refer to the nutritious facts below.)

Up Roll Cafe is located at 665 Halekauwila in Kakaako.
Its cross street is Kaewe St.

What is Phiten Mulberry Leaf Green Juice anyway?

 phiten mulberry

Phiten Mulberry Leaf Green Juice has…..

     If you are worried about calories and sugar in your diet….

2)The Natural Supplement from Nature!
   Vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, folic acid, beta-carotene, etc.
Plenty of nutrients that tend to be deficient!

3) Plenty of essential amino acids that are equivalent to soybeans.
     Plenty of nutrients of vegetables for a growing child, who does not like vegetables.

Let’s get healthier with Up Roll Cafe healthy delicious food with Phiten Mulberry!

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