January Item of the Month is Bedding/Sleeping Products

Enjoy Double Stamps on your Phiten Hawaii VIP Card for all Bedding/Sleeping Product purchases during this month…

it includes:
* Blankets
* Pillows
* Pillowcases
* Bed Pads
* Tri-fold Cushion
It’s our Item of the Month!

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So Many Bedding/Sleeping Products to improve your health!!!
Amazingly, all these products below are also Phitenized!!!!
Infused with Phiten® unique AQUA TITAN® Technology
“Let’s have the better quality of sleep for our life! “

Benefits of Phiten Bedding/Sleeping Products in General
Do you feel that you are tired when you wake up in the morning sometimes?
Actually, there are various reasons for it.
At night time, we go to bed since we are tired.
Being tired means that our muscle is shrunk or tight.
We sleep like that. Then, when we wake up in the morning, you feel tired or stiff…
The key is how much you can relax your muscle while you are sleeping, so that it will help our body to rejuvenate/recover faster. 
With Phiten Bedding products, many customers say that they feel so much more refreshed when they wake up in the morning.
Usually we are on the bed about 1/3 of our life. To have the better quality of sleep would make the difference in the rest, 2/3 of our life. 
As we all know, you can wash Phiten products as many time as we want.  And the effect will stay.

Star Series Blankets

Cooling Pad and Pillowcase

Bamboo Blanket

Aero Cradle Bed Pad

6 Layered Airy Gauze Blanket

Tri-fold Cushion

Tatami Pillow

And Many More NEW Products are available now!
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